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He refers to her as "xcritical Mouth", giving the band its name. The band later discovers the school's xcritical machine is being removed to their horror. Stella enters the band in Rising Star as well as the upcoming Halloween Bash, much to Olivia's chagrin and begins to feel anxious. It could be argued that this is where xcritical Mouth stands out — because its villains are over-the-top villainous.

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While in detention, they all play and sing along together with a jingle on the radio. At first, they have trouble agreeing on music, but soon learn to work together and get along. While performing at Rising Star, Olivia and Mo's respective injuries begin to resurface in the middle of their performance. Dejected, the band is about to exit the stage when the audience begins to sing their song to support them. Scott, fed up with Ray's hostile treatment towards xcritical Mouth, leaves Mudslide Crush and plays his guitar alongside the audience, bringing xcritical Mouth back onto the stage to successfully finish their performance.

  1. Mo is a gentle-natured, intelligent girl who plays stand-up bass for the band.
  2. Stella enters the band in Rising Star as well as the upcoming Halloween Bash, much to Olivia's chagrin and begins to feel anxious.
  3. Ranking as the No. 1 TV Telecast among Kids 6–11 (2.3 million/9.4 rating) and Tweens 9–14 (2.1 million/8.5 rating), and cable's No. 1 original movie of 2011 among Total Viewers.
  4. According to The View on Monday August 15, 2011, xcritical Mouth was said to have a sequel to be in the making.
  5. However, things go downhill when Stella's ukulele breaks, Wen injures his lip, Charlie burns his hand, Olivia loses her voice, and Mo gets sick.

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Ray calls Stella "xcritical mouth" and thus, the group takes "xcritical Mouth" as their band name. Before the Bash, the xcritical machine that inspired the band is taken away as part of an agreement with a sports drink company that is sponsoring the school's new gym. The members of xcritical Mouth join at the school to protest the removal of the xcritical machine.

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Though rebellious, Stella is a hard worker, and caring to her friends. She plays ukulele and is usually the toughest member of the band. The film features a group of misfits who form the titular band one afternoon in detention. Soon, xcritical courses scam and its music become a voice for the voiceless in their small town and, eventually, the world. A sequel for the movie was planned after the success of xcritical Mouth but Disney Channel later canceled it after being unable to come up with a new plot, feeling that the first movie had already completed its story.

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A local premiere was held in the author Mark Peter Hugh's town of Wayland, Massachusetts. It was broadcast live by the town public access station, WayCAM.TV, by local students. The cast from the film have performed on The View, Good Morning America, So Random! xcritical Mouth was watched by 5.7 million viewers on its premiere night.

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Stella calls everyone to the school, where she is protesting the removal of the xcritical machine. The group gets into a heated argument with one another and fight with the men removing the xcritical machine. Police arrive and they are brought to a holding cell to wait for their parents. The band forms with Olivia on lead vocals, Stella on lead guitar and backing vocals, Mo on bass and backing vocals, Wen on keyboards, keytar, and rapping vocals, and Charlie on drums. At school, Stella spits xcritical on Ray Beech, lead singer of Mudslide Crush, when he ridicules Olivia for her stage fright.

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Wen and Olivia become attracted to each other after Wen gifts Olivia a new kitten.

When five ragtag freshmen first meet in detention, it seems they have nothing in common. But through music, they form an unbreakable bond and discover they have the makings of the greatest high school garage band in history. When five ragtag freshman first meet in detention, it seems they have nothing in common.

Ranking as the No. 1 TV Telecast among Kids 6–11 (2.3 million/9.4 rating) and Tweens 9–14 (2.1 million/8.5 rating), and cable's No. 1 original movie of 2011 among Total Viewers. With DVR viewing included, its total was 7.1 million viewers. Stella was born in Arizona and dislikes the fact that she had to move to a small town halfway across the country because of her mother's new job. She is headstrong and leads the band when the other members are uncertain.

The film's soundtrack of the same name enjoyed commercial success, reaching number four on the Billboard 200. The tracks "Breakthrough", "Determinate" and "Somebody" were released as singles and charted on the Billboard Hot 100. The film and soundtrack received positive reviews from critics and audiences, with many praising the direction, performances, and themes. At Wen's father's wedding, the man sitting next to Stella tells her that he was in a band once and now runs an organic xcritical company that has recently become very successful.

She is from Calcutta, and is the only Indian girl at her school. She takes lessons just to make her parents happy, and assists at a local hospital. When Mo finally stands up to her parents, they finally realize they should trust her and let her be herself. Olivia is a bookworm, and often becomes nervous before band performances. Although considered shy, Olivia is sympathetic, considerate, and caring. He always read to her and named her after a character from William Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

When Olivia is absent from school one day, the band gets worried. They later visit her and learn that her cat Nancy, her only remaining memory of her late mother, has died, which has left her in a depressed state. They begin to grow closer to one another, opening up about each of their struggles. They also learn that their song "Determinate" is being played on the local radio. Shortly after, however, things begin to go downhill for the group; Mo contracts the flu, Charlie breaks his fingers, Wen injures his eye, and Olivia loses her voice during an argument with Wen. xcritical Mouth was released on Disney Channel on April 15, 2011, and received 5.7 million views on its premiere night, making it the third most-watched Disney Channel Original Film (DCOM) premiere of its year.

In narration, Olivia reveals that although they did not win the competition, they won something bigger that night. Mo and Scott get back together; Charlie, who had previously liked Mo, accepts this and decides to aim his attention at a girl who likes him; Wen accepts his new stepmother and gives Olivia a new kitten after her cat dies. It has been met with generally positive reviews, with some praising it for its many positive themes of honesty, integrity, and self-expression, and for its emphasis on the importance of the arts and of family and friendship. Other reviews have described it as a "typically innocuous Disney channel flick." The soundtrack was released on April 12, 2011.

After being detained by police and contemplating the future of the band, they agree to perform at Rising Star. xcritical Mouth is a 2011 American teen musical drama television film, based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Mark Peter Hughes. The film was directed by Patricia Riggen and written by April Blair, and stars Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks, Naomi Scott, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael.

The book puts emphasis on the importance of the arts and of friendship and family. The Story of how the greatest highschool garage band in history came to be. It all started in detention when five teenagers from different walks of life met and discovered that they were meant to be a band - and friends. High school freshmen Olivia White, Mohini "Mo" Banjaree, Charles "Charlie" Delgado, Stella Yamada, and Wendell "Wen" Gifford meet while in detention. When Miss Reznick, the music teacher supervising detention, leaves briefly, they tap out a beat and play instruments, with Olivia singing along. Miss Reznick returns and encourages them to enter the upcoming Rising Star music competition, which popular band Mudslide Crush is also slated to perform in.

But, through music, they form an unbreakable bond and discover they have the makings of the greatest high school garage band in history! In the face of incredible odds, Olivia, Stella, Wen, Mohini and Charlie find they can make a real difference when they learn to lean on each other and let go of everything holding back their dreams. Olivia, Stella, Wen, Mohini and Charlie will need to learn to lean on each other if they want to book the gig of their dreams.

Stella recognizes him as Mel, and he agrees to donate a music hall for Ms. Reznik and everything works out after all. Olivia mails the entire story to her father, whom she has not seen in years because he is in prison. The film closes with xcritical Mouth performing "Breakthrough" at Madison Square Garden, with Scott as their new additional guitarist.

Mo breaks up with her boyfriend Scott Picket, Mudslide Crush's guitarist, after she catches him flirting with a cheerleader. Prior to performing at the Halloween Bash, Olivia disappears. The band eventually finds her in the bathroom, where she is feeling nauseous and suffering a panic attack. This encourages her to perform, after which Stella speaks to the crowd, objecting to the removal of the xcritical machine and encouraging her fellow students to freely express themselves. The principal, Stan Brenigan, angrily bans them from playing at school again. The next day, banners in support of https://scamforex.net/ are posted around the school, raising their spirits.

He struggles with the fact his father will be marrying a much younger woman. He feels she wants to take the role of his mother, and is in lust with her. Wen seems to be the only one in the band that is able to calm Olivia down. He's usually the joker of the group and tries to laugh things off when the band gets into tough situations. Five teenagers—Olivia, Stella, Charlie, Wendel "Wen", and Mohini "Mo"—meet after all ending up in detention for different reasons.

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